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Garrett ~ 1 Week Old {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

Little Garrett recently joined his family and I was ridiculously excited as his mama got closer and closer to her due date. Excited for them, of course – but also excited to get to meet Garrett and spend a little bit of time with his family again.:)He has two absolutely adorable “big” brothers and they made for a fun morning. You’ll see what I mean as you scroll through the pictures. I love how looking back at Garrett’s brothers’ baby pictures, you can see how they are all definitely RELATED – definitely brothers – but they are each different combinations of their parents. It’s so cool! I love scrutinizing the munchkins that I photograph to see what features and even facial expressions they get that come from each parent.:)

I am absolutely in love with these pictures of the brothers together.:)“Big Brother” inspecting Garret and “Biggest Brother” just chilling with his new baby.

And then THIS happened. Awesome.

Ramos {Central FL Family Photographer}

The Gomez family…I’ve been photographing this sweet family since their oldest was quite little. He was the cutest little boy with such big brown eyes – and now he is a handsome young man with a little brother equally as adorable. Big brother is happy to sit and talk Legos with me (but not Star Wars) and little brother, well he didn’t stay in one place long enough for a conversation…so we chased him around played “tag” the whole time! Oh the fun of toddler-hood! It’s an excellent way to stay in shape AND makes life much more interesting.

Eylin and Angel – you guys are doing a wonderful job with these two little boys! They were a joy to spend my morning with and I appreciated the work-out.:)I hope you love looking back at this stage in their lives!

L + R = Elijah {Maternity}

Babies will probably always remain my favorite thing to photograph. I’ll be honest – it’s not because it’s ACTUALLY my favorite thing to photograph – but it’s because I LOVE BABIES. I love them. I love their tiny little noses and ears, I love their sweet eyelashes, I love their facial expressions and the little (and loud) noises they make. I love that I get to hold them and snuggle them and sniff them and calm them and THEN I get to pose them and photograph them. I love it all. I love that my clients trust me enough to allow me to be in their homes so soon after their tiny babies are born – and then they allow me to love on their little ones for a short time as I photograph them. Seriously, what’s not to love about babies and photographing them? Did I mention I love babies? I wasn’t sure if it was clear.

This next client hasn’t YET had her baby, but that’s what makes maternity sessions SO MUCH FUN to me – the anticipation! I MAY be a little too excited about these babies that are about to be born…but I’ll not speculate on that now.

I grew up with Roxanne and was thrilled when she and her husband asked me to do their maternity session – 1) because YAY they are having a baby, I’m so happy for them! and 2) because THEY ARE HAVING A BABY and I just might get to spend a little bit of time with him! (And the parents, of course…)

Spending a little bit of time with each of the couples who are expecting allows me a little peek into their excitement, their hopes and dreams for their child – and I am often brought right back to my own pregnancies.:)Well, enough talking. Please enjoy Roxanne and Luke’s maternity pictures – hopefully you can catch a little bit of ┬áthe love they have for this little man who hasn’t even arrived yet!

Lauren {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

Sweet Lauren joined her family recently…Mom + Dad + big brother were SO excited to have her finally in their arms! She came pre-packaged with the perfect amount of chub on her cheeks and OH those lips and that little nose.:)Aren’t tiny new babies the best?

Clearly I am very behind in blogging…but these families are all way too cute to never share with the public so…here they come:)


Wasim & Rakshinda

Rakshinda called me just a few weeks ago and we talked about her wedding. She told me how she was getting married very soon to her best friend that she had known most of her life – and that just four days before their ceremony he’d arrive in the States. We talked about how they would each start their next year of Grad school just two and three days after becoming husband and wife. We talked about their new home that they would be moving into and of the time that they would spend together fixing it up.

We talked about her dresses and how she would be married in white and celebrate in a “peachy pink”. She told me how busy it had been and yet how excited she was to marry Wasim even in the midst of having so much going on. Her enthusiasm for becoming Wasim’s wife and how much she looked forward to starting their life together was wonderful to listen to! I found myself VERY excited to meet this sweet woman and the man she loved.

It’s rare for me to take a wedding these days – and rarer still for me to not actually photograph the wedding but instead, photograph the couple’s portraits. It is like a glorified portrait session – just really dressed up – and THAT made me really excited as well!

Wasim and Rakshinda arrived – he jetlagged, happy and handsome, she stunning in white and all smiles. What a pleasure to be there to photograph them in both their ceremony and reception clothes – and to get to spend just a little bit of time getting to know them. Oh there are so many more pictures than just these – but I promised them (and their families in Pakistan!) that they would have something to look at and share from the day. Wasim and Rakshinda, I hope that you LOVE these pictures, that they captured perfectly what you felt and experienced on your wedding day. Thank you SO much for the pleasure of photographing you as a couple on this most special of days!:)

Rakshinda and Wasim - Elisabeth,
We can not thank you enough for making our big day so special and truly picture perfect. Thank you so much. You were the only one who helped us release the stress of the day. Truly amazing. Very professional yet very warm and friendly.
Our entire family here in the US and Pakistan thank you for the beautiful pictures you have produced.
Rakshinda, Wasim and Family

Mohsinul Haq - Bo sheli la yarr.. bo mazadar.. Khodai pesa taza halayar la yar..

farida - Elisabeth, thanks for your comments and such nice pictures. i was not expecting such nice photos. but now i am very happy to see all these pictures. thanks alot for uploading these pictures. i wish my brothers happily married life

imran - mashallah good couple and may you two enjoy a long an happy married life, our congrats to both of you and Jannat and Mubarik. Also great pictures and blog of the wedding
Ayesha and Imran

Khisraw - All best wishes to the newly wed couple Wasim and Rakshi. May you have all the joys in the life ahead.

khalida mahatb - bo ziyada sheli photos giti shani. mula pisa hamisha khoshan halayar.

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