The Hickmans ~ {Encore Session}

{In advance I have to apologize for the excessive amount of pictures in this post!}

I was so, so excited to do this session for a couple of reasons. (1) I absolutely LOVE photographing couples in love! (2) It’s SO so different from my “normal” newborn routine, and therefore allowed me to be as creative as I could possibly be. (3) Lastly, because after talking with Joy off and on for quite some time, we were finally going to be meeting together and taking pictures of her and her sweet husband!! Super fun – and BOY it ended up being all that I’d hoped for!

Joy and Jon . . . It was AWESOME to finally meet you guys. I truly enjoyed our morning more than I ever expected – the fellowship blessed me more than I can tell you! And as an added bonus….I think these pictures are my most favorite pictures that have ever come out of my camera.:)Happy Anniversary to you both – I think this is a lovely way to celebrate your marriage and what God has done in your lives together! I pray you enjoy many, many more years together, bringing Glory to our Heavenly Father with your lives!!


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