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Day 12 – Building Up, Not Tearing Down

Today I read a little blurb about common phrases to avoid saying. It was before I had even gotten out of bed or come downstairs to start the day. A friend shared it on Facebook and her title said something like “Teachers, please don’t say these things to my kids or ANYONE’S kids” and I thought, Huh. I bet […]

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Day 5 – The First Week Ends

  Day 5. One week. We did it! We survived! The house…not so much. But we are alive, we don’t hate each other, we learned some things, we kept a bunch of animals alive at the same time….and we had some fun! A win all around. Big thanks – no, ALL the thanks go to Jesus. […]

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Day 2 – Home “what?”

Day 2 has come and is about to go. It taught me a few things. 1. Be more prepared. Pull yourself together the night before. I learned this because I was blissfully asleep at 6:30 AM when my alarm clock (AKA my oldest son) bounced on my bed to inform me that the laptop he […]

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A New {Homeschooling} Adventure

Today was the start of having all three of my kids at home with me for school. Last year it was just the littlest and me – and I figured Kindergarten was a great grade to practice on. 😉 This year we have jumped in with both feet – shoot, I think we’ve actually just […]

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