A New {Homeschooling} Adventure

Sometimes it helps to have a furry friend help when you’re reading.

Today was the start of having all three of my kids at home with me for school. Last year it was just the littlest and me – and I figured Kindergarten was a great grade to practice on. 😉 This year we have jumped in with both feet – shoot, I think we’ve actually just jumped off the high dive – this isn’t a little jump – and all three kids are home. That’s sixth grade, fourth grade and first grade. Phew!

A big contributing factor in our decision to try this is the Husband’s work schedule. He’s often out of town for a couple weeks of the month (but home on the weekends – YAY!) and we are hoping that we can use some of his work trips as excuses to travel and explore the States as a family WHILE doing our classes. Bonus: we get to see Dad more if this works out and that’s a DEFINITE plus!

So today. Monday, August 17. Day 1.

My intention was to do a “soft start” this week – keeping it as stress free and fun as possible – AND to give myself a week to figure out how on EARTH I’m going to teach three kids/three grades all in the same day. We woke up to realize that when Olivia fell yesterday it was maybe not as harmless as we thought when we went to bed. She showed up for breakfast still protecting her arm, not using it and crying whenever I manipulated her hand or made her squeeze my hand. SO, off to the doctor!

A few X-rays later (“Mom! I DO have a skeleton in my arm!”) and a visit with a doctor who *surprise!* was from a sweet family we knew at our church several years ago…and Olivia’s arm is MAYBE broken.:)In order to give it a week to see how it’s doing, she was given a little splint to wear. Oh the tears! She had SO been hoping she’d get a cast and that everyone (especially Ella) could sign it. I think her tears were mostly because she felt like she’d let Ella down…

Since the morning was filled with excitement we headed home and had lunch. My sweet grandpa beat us home and he and Micah spent the rest of the day working on my chicken coop. That man has put probably more time into than me now! He was concerned they were too hot and did some fixes I hadn’t gotten to yet. Love that guy – he seriously is the greatest example of a selfless and giving man who loves God SO much that God’s love just pours right out of him into everyone’s lives around him.

While the men sweated Ella and Olivia and I did some writing and spelling. Phew! A few tears – it was harder than Ella expected it would be – but she did it and she was proud of herself. Ella and Micah are doing IEW’s Student Writing Intensive course and there’s a definite learning curve. For Olivia we’re using IEW’s PAL Reading and Writing – we had a good time but it was LONG. I’ve got to trim that down a bit of I’m going to lose her.:)

Later this evening we decided to get some math over with and get Micah caught up on some spelling. Oh the teenage years are coming HARD and fast! The speed with which we can go from happy-go-lucky to it’s-the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it puts my head in a spin. And yes…we’ve got TWO of them doing it. Turns out math brings out the “end of the world” in both of them.:)BUT – props to Teaching Textbooks because I didn’t have to teach it.:)They watched the lesson on the video, did some practice work and then the assignment. No “but MOOOOoooommm…” because I wasn’t the leader. 😀

7:30 we finished school for the day – probably did a total of 2 hours with each kid and only 2-3 subjects BUT that was the purpose of this soft start, right? We’ll figure it out as we go and hopefully next week use a much more “normal” schedule.

Now I’m off to celebrate with a ridiculously large bowl of ice cream and a book. Or maybe just go to sleep. (I will say that I have enjoyed the day immensely — I know there will be LOTS of days ahead when the opposite is true BUT in spite of today’s circumstances God blessed us with His presence and some special, teachable moments together.)


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