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Caleb & Logan {Central Florida Family Photography}

Caleb is 10 months old now….which meant it was time for us to spend a little bit of time together.:)He showed me his new walking skills (sort of), he crawled around just millimeters behind his brother, he gave lots of kisses to his parents, he “rode” a bike….and then got tired and hungry and we called it a day.:)

Logan, all the while, just smiled and did big boy stuff like play with sticks, the lake, the mud…anything dirty.:)Oh how special it is to watch these two grow up!!

Miles ~ 6 Days Old {Newborn Photography}

Little Miles joined his family a couple of weeks ago. His big brother welcomed me into their home with a quick basketball lesson (he totally schooled me!) on his Fisher Price hoop….and I met mom, dad, grandma….and then Miles. Oh how teeny he was!! He arrived a couple of weeks earlier than expected and apparently just didn’t want to miss any more time with his family.:)

It was a bit of a cloudy day – which was perfect to wander around in their front yard and get some wiggles out (me and big brother both!). A few family pictures later and we were ready to go inside and settle down to business. Little Miles just slept and slept! I either caught him on a sleepy day or I just have that affect on people….? 😉

OH! And I will of COURSE I have to share an awesome shot of me and big brother “workin’ it”….seriously, how cool are WE?! It’s always nice when I have little helpers to keep me company during these photoshoots. Ha!!


Kati - Love the one with his name spelled out in blocks! Great job!

Olivia ~ 6 days old {Central FL Newborn Photography}

This afternoon I wanted to show off a little beauty that I played with last week. She was sooo tiny and sweet! (She liked me so much, in fact, that she wanted to stay awake and look around the whole time.) We did eventually convince her to do some sleeping but it didn’t matter – she was amazingly sweet awake AND asleep.

Her big brothers are at the age where it’s not cool to like little kids – but you should see how straight their shoulders are when they hold her. Their smiles when she is in their arms are the smiles of pride and yes, love.:)But don’t tell them I said that – we’ll wait till they’re older and are willing to admit it to themselves on their own!

Mama of COURSE is smitten with her little Olivia. Daddy – oh my goodness. Is there anything more awesome than a daddy who is in love with his baby? Why yes – yes there is! A daddy who is not only enamoured with his baby but is deeply in love with (and thankful for) his wife who gave him this little one. Yeah – that’s the kind of dad Olivia has. Lucky girl, eh? You don’t have to take my word for it – just look at her daddy’s face when he holds her in his arms. I couldn’t stop smiling as I photographed them together…

The N Family {Maternity & Family Photography}

Just a couple weeks ago I spent a little while with the N family in Sanford. (Yes, ghetto little Sanford – probably my very favorite place to shoot!) Our purpose was to at LEAST document this time because of the little one that will be arriving any day now…but also to of COURSE show off Isaac and their little family before they grow!

Isaac was featured on this blog just a few short months ago – and he was just barely walking…with help.:)This time he was ALL over the place! I just love watching these kiddos grow up, and it is a huge privilege to be a teeny little part of these families lives.:)It won’t be long – his little brother will be here shortly and I can’t WAIT! (Probably not as much as mom and dad can’t wait….but, you know….I do LOOOOOOVE me some baby!)

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