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Max | 6 Months {Central FL Photography}

This morning a little bundle of snuggles came by.:)He even wore a onesie that said “hug me” on it – and of COURSE I obliged! I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Max’s mom and dad as he made his entrance into this world – what an unbelievable experience. Max’s mama is one of my heros!

Anyway – that was 6 months ago. This is now. Now Max arrives at my house with a smile, a little wave with his chubby hand, and sleepy eyes. He snuggled with me a bit (or maybe I snuggled with him??) and then we got the camera out for “just one” quick picture. Has there ever been just one?? How would you only take ONE of this little man?!

Leslie - Ooooo…wow! Love that Martinez hair, smile, and those eyes! Beautiful!

Veronica - LOVE them… he WAS so sleepy! Thanks for your beautiful work xoxo

Sarah - What a CUTIE! V, you have the most beautiful boys in the wooooooooooorld! xoxo

Mónika - What a gift! You are amazing. Such great pics of that snuggle dude.

dan Lugo - I’m so excited I have half those genes… Ladies.

Karlee Jo | 6 days old {Central FL Photographer}

Sweet Karlee Jo … I honestly don’t even know what to say. She was a dream to photograph. She curled up and slept, snuggled and stretched…we even saw a few smiles. She woke and watched – I couldn’t believe her eye contact at just 6 days old! Karlee Jo is the little sister of another munchkin I had the pleasure of photographing about a year and a half ago, little Jackson.

As I studied Karlee Jo, I couldn’t help but notice that she looked so different to me than her brother – and so much like her mama’s family. BUT…she opened her eyes. And looked at me with her daddy’s eyes. I couldn’t believe it! So much like her mama asleep but just like her daddy awake.:)I just love looking at each baby and trying to see who they are. Yes, it’s early – they’re sooo little and yet, their personalities are in there already…it just comes out a little at a time…

Enjoy, P family! Thank you for letting me once again be a part of this special time in your life! Oh – and yes, you will see Penny make a cameo appearance in one of the last pictures…she doesn’t normally participate in photoshoots but this one took place at my home and she helped keep big brother occupied.:)

PS – Special thanks to Jennifer Kallin…Karlee Jo was a perfect test subject, it was awesome to work with you on this photoshoot!

Kati - Great pics! (AP-She is adorable!)

Nina ~ Big Dog Rescue

Today’s pup is Nina, a 10 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. Isn’t she GORGEOUS? She’s a sweetheart too! She does LOVE to jump on you –  I think Nina spent more of her time up licking our faces than she did on the ground.:)Nina’s living in Sanford at Dog Day Afternoon and she’s ready to find herself a family.:)(One that has lots of energy! haha!)

Did I mention that I offered to take ALL the dogs (especially Nina, Hunter & Boo-Boo) home with me?? Fortunately my husband wasn’t there to witness that….he would have had me immediately committed to the loony bin!

Savannah ~ Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Today I thought I would introduce  you to Savannah. She is a 10 month old grey weimereiner and BOY is she a bundle of joy! She bounced out to the patio to play with me and leaped happily around. She’s got energy – that’s for sure – but what 10 month old doesn’t?:)

Savannah was rescued along with Hunter and I can just see the two of them together – him, calm and thoughtfully assessing the situation, her, bouncing head-long into whatever might come her way! Maybe you’ll know of someone who might want to meet Savannah in person – and feel free to share her information so she can find an awesome home of her own!

She is staying with the Big Dog Ranch Rescue group and is living in Sanford at Dog Day Afternoon. You can contact BDRR for information on her!

Kati - Another beautiful dog! :) Hope she finds a home!

Hunter ~ Big Dog Ranch Rescue

I got to do something new yesterday…and OH was it fun! (Dirty, but fun!) When we first rescued Moose, I thought to myself – if these dogs had really good pictures online, people would find it even easier to connect and choose a dog to rescue. Moose’s pictures were adorable – but we met him thinking he was the same size as Penny. NOPE! He was another 30 pounds bigger than her and it was a HUGE surprise. (Hence, his name…because the first words out of my mouth were “Holy cow, he’s as big as a Moose!”)

Well the folks at Big Dog Ranch Rescue let me come out and meet some of their dogs that need homes. What I think is SO cool is that Dog Day Afternoon, a local dog daycare, lets BDRR use some of their space for their rescues. How cool is that? I think it’s really awsome – plus it’s just around the corner from me and perfect for meeting up with the dogs. I immediately agreed to take them all home, but after thinking what my husband would do when I showed up with 9 new dogs….I took back my offer. (But believe me – EACH of these dogs would make an awesome friend!) So I’ll share them with you, one at a time. Perhaps you’ll connect with one…or know of someone else who would. Please pass it on – the more people who see them, the better chances they get of finding a home!

Meet Hunter. He’s a handsome boy who’s pretty shy. He stuck like glue to our legs…which made it difficult for me to photograph him by himself.:)He needed a little support – but that’s ok. He gave Dana sweet kisses (I got my fair share!), sniffed around a bit and then came back for more snuggles and support. He’s a 3 year old Weimerainer and SO calm and loving! I almost scooped him up and left for home right then….

So…know of a good home for Hunter? You can get in touch with Big Dog Ranch Rescue HERE!

Kati - Beautiful dog!!

Savannah ~ Big Dog Ranch Rescue » Elisabeth Nixon Photography - […] was rescued along with Hunter and I can just see the two of them together – him, calm and thoughtfully assessing the […]

Melissa Gill - I’ve thought the same thing! That if those animals for adoption just had better photos that they would get adopted sooner.

These pictures are just precious! I can see why you wanted to take them all home with you!

This is good timing too because we’ve been talking about getting a dog. I’m going to show these guys to my hubby when he gets home! =) Are you going to put all the dogs up?

admin - Why yes I am! All 9 of them :)

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