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Wasim & Rakshinda

Rakshinda called me just a few weeks ago and we talked about her wedding. She told me how she was getting married very soon to her best friend that she had known most of her life – and that just four days before their ceremony he’d arrive in the States. We talked about how they would each start their next year of Grad school just two and three days after becoming husband and wife. We talked about their new home that they would be moving into and of the time that they would spend together fixing it up.

We talked about her dresses and how she would be married in white and celebrate in a “peachy pink”. She told me how busy it had been and yet how excited she was to marry Wasim even in the midst of having so much going on. Her enthusiasm for becoming Wasim’s wife and how much she looked forward to starting their life together was wonderful to listen to! I found myself VERY excited to meet this sweet woman and the man she loved.

It’s rare for me to take a wedding these days – and rarer still for me to not actually photograph the wedding but instead, photograph the couple’s portraits. It is like a glorified portrait session – just really dressed up – and THAT made me really excited as well!

Wasim and Rakshinda arrived – he jetlagged, happy and handsome, she stunning in white and all smiles. What a pleasure to be there to photograph them in both their ceremony and reception clothes – and to get to spend just a little bit of time getting to know them. Oh there are so many more pictures than just these – but I promised them (and their families in Pakistan!) that they would have something to look at and share from the day. Wasim and Rakshinda, I hope that you LOVE these pictures, that they captured perfectly what you felt and experienced on your wedding day. Thank you SO much for the pleasure of photographing you as a couple on this most special of days!:)

Rakshinda and Wasim - Elisabeth,
We can not thank you enough for making our big day so special and truly picture perfect. Thank you so much. You were the only one who helped us release the stress of the day. Truly amazing. Very professional yet very warm and friendly.
Our entire family here in the US and Pakistan thank you for the beautiful pictures you have produced.
Rakshinda, Wasim and Family

Mohsinul Haq - Bo sheli la yarr.. bo mazadar.. Khodai pesa taza halayar la yar..

farida - Elisabeth, thanks for your comments and such nice pictures. i was not expecting such nice photos. but now i am very happy to see all these pictures. thanks alot for uploading these pictures. i wish my brothers happily married life

imran - mashallah good couple and may you two enjoy a long an happy married life, our congrats to both of you and Jannat and Mubarik. Also great pictures and blog of the wedding
Ayesha and Imran

Khisraw - All best wishes to the newly wed couple Wasim and Rakshi. May you have all the joys in the life ahead.

khalida mahatb - bo ziyada sheli photos giti shani. mula pisa hamisha khoshan halayar.

Jett ~ 14 Days Old {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

Meet Jett. His mom called me and said that he was almost 2 weeks old – was it too late for newborn pictures? Oh I remember when my second baby was born – newborn pictures? Time flew by taking care of two little ones and it was almost THREE weeks before I called my photographer friend.:)I told his mama that no – it wasn’t too late for newborn pictures – although I did let her know that not all 2 weekers are still super sleepy. Fortunately for us, Jett was quite the sleeper!

For such a little guy, he already had some of the BEST arm rolls – boy, this kid’s going to be C-U-T-E in six months when he’s all drool-y and squeezable!! His mom, dad and big sister are going to be having so much fun with this little guy.

I hope you enjoy the pictures – there were so many that I wanted to share and I decided that since it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, why not start again with a bang? (Plus, mom gets to see a bunch of pictures instead of just one or two!):)Thank you, Maria and Jason, for the pleasure of meeting your little boy and spending the morning with you!


Malaika ~ Class of 2012 {Central FL Senior Photographer}

I don’t photograph a lot of High School seniors but I was really excited when Malaika chose me to take her senior photos. It’s a completely different thing than what I normally do. For one thing, I don’t usually have to bribe the subject. For another, there is usually no crying during a senior session and I pretty much never  have to make silly faces or sing songs to all of the children’s TV shows I know. Lastly – I get to relax a little bit more than usual. (The students may be faster than me  but they don’t usually make me chase them!)

Malaika is an incredibly beautiful young woman – and she’s also stunning “on the outside”.:)It made me smile, to read her messages, as we tried to schedule her session. I remember my senior year being a VERY busy time but Malaika had so many things going on – and it was fun to talk with her about all she was involved in. Her excitement and interest in the programs and clubs she was a part of was enjoyable to see. Malaika’s smile and enthusiasm is infectious and I found myself not looking forward to the end of our time together!

She’s moving away for college and wanted to incorporate as much of “home” as she could in her session. We visited some of my favorite spots around Sanford and then took ourselves to the beach. I rarely get to go to the beach without my children and I’ve not been “by myself” in years…and to spend an hour with Malaika and my camera was absolutely delightful! Malaika, thanks SO much for choosing me to do your senior pictures. Congratulations on your graduation and I’m so excited for all that is ahead of you!

Caleb and Logan {Central FL Family Photographer}

Caleb & Logan’s family have sort of become MY family. I first met their mom and dad when Logan was about… -2 months old. (That means his mom was around 7 months pregnant with him!) They are the sweetest couple you could ever hope to meet and they were so excited to meet their little boy in just a short time. Then came Logan. OH he was just a little snuggly ball of beauty! Yes, baby boys ARE beautiful!

I had the pleasure of photographing little Logan as he reached different milestones (5 months9 months19 months anyone?) and THEN I was so excited to hear they were expecting again – and it was another little boy! Caleb joined their family – equally as beautiful and snuggly as his brother – and as he has grown up he has proven to be just as happy and cheerful as Logan. What a joy these two are! Since I never blogged Caleb’s pictures along the way (what kind of person am I!?!?)…here are some of my favorites.

You’ll see in this first set (Caleb is 3 months old) that Logan and I have a lot in common – he’s already practicing his photography skills. He’s just got to work on getting that hand off the lens and he’s good to go!:)

In this second set Caleb is 7 months old…

We headed to the beach for Caleb’s 2 year old and family pictures – it was sad because their family was moving away but also happy because it was the start of a new adventure.:)I am incredibly thankful for this sweet family – they took a chance on me when I was very new to the photography world and have encouraged and cheered me along the way as I watched their little family grow.

Mark and Adrienne – you probably don’t know how dear you are to me, you have become more than just “clients” of mine. (I do have a tendency to adopt my clients as extended family…sorry about that!) I was sad to see you move away because I’m pretty sure if we’d had more time (and if our lives/schedules had matched up) we would have been the best of friends! 😉 OH wait that sounds kind of creepy…. 😉 But seriously, I am so excited for you as you’re now making your lives in a new place – and I think of you guys and pray for you often. Thanks for your friendship and all of the wonderful hours we got to spend together as I played with your sweet boys!

Julia ~ 9 Months and 1 Year {Central Florida Photographer}

Little Miss Julia and I have become friends. Sure, she forgets me in between our days together – but she thinks I’m funny looking enough to smile at me eventually, once again.:)I’m SO behind on blogging that I’m going to share a few of my favorites from both  her 9 month session AND her 1 year session right now. Not because she doesn’t DESERVE two separate posts, but because I can’t decide which one I’d do first because she’s just so pretty in both! So, both at once it is!

Here are a few of my favorites from Julia’s 9 month / Valentines / Easter session. 😉 There was some sickness and we had to postpone her V-day session and we were SO close to Easter time that we smushed them all together in one!And here is Julia’s Birthday Session – Smash Cake and all!:)She loved playing with all of the beautiful things her mom made and collected … the outfits, the props… all of it perfectly matched Julia’s upcoming birthday party theme of “Pretty in Pink”. And Julia was SO pretty in all of the pink.

I have to say – she wasn’t CERTAIN she wanted to play in the cake – ladies don’t get messy, right? But she sure enjoyed playing with her necklaces, all covered in sticky sweetness.

OH – and as a little side note, the stunningly beautiful cake was made by Bethany Potter – affectionately referred to as THE Cake Lady. I have clients who call now to schedule their Smash Cake sessions and one of their first questions is, “Is THE Cake Lady available to make my cake?” Bethany is able to not only create these beautiful {smashable} masterpieces, but she can match colors, styles – AND she can even do it within the confines of allergies. Little Julia’s cake (above) was dairy and egg free and I honestly thought it was the BEST cake I’d ever tastes. (Yes, I sampled it after Julia smashed it…):)Thanks Bethany – you rock!!

Bethany - Thanks for the free advertising! You are also one amazing photographer!!

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