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Four Years Later {My Family}

So today marks four years since Olivia joined our family. We were shocked to find we were expecting her just nine short months prior to this day. (Blown away might be the better word for Matthew’s experience…)

It’s my favorite thing to do, to put together some sort of set of pictures to look back on my kids’ years with us. Last night was no different – three hours of memory lane and I had something special for today! (And let’s not dismiss the fact that I am now completely caught up on Bones, New Girl and Mindy.);)

So what do I need to tell you about the pictures below? Nothing…they are mostly in order of her age. You can see how much her big brother and sister adore her. You can see how much her daddy and I do too. (And another THANKS to Stacy Larsen for the stunning newborn pictures that she did for us!!) You can hopefully see her silly – and rather wild – personality. And hopefully how sweet she is too.

Happy Birthday dear Olive Juice! All of us love you desperately and are so excited to eat pizza, a Mickey & Minnie birthday cake and swim with you today – all in celebration of YOU! Sweet Olive, OJ, O … whatever name you let us call you in the future, weloveyousomuch!:)



Veta ~ Class of ’13 {Central FL Photographer}

Veta and I got together the other day for her senior pictures – which is something I don’t do a lot of. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the opportunity to work with young adults and Veta made my day.:)

I remember the first time I saw Veta – as a young child – and it’s been a pleasure to watch her grow from a busy little girl to a stunning young woman. She is always excited to talk about her future plans in nursing and I am really excited to see what God has planned for her life. She is an incredible testimony of God’s love and grace to those she meets, ever ready with a smile on her face.

Asking her to not smile for some pictures turned out to be harder than she thought it would be – and those pictures ended up sandwiched between bursts of laughter and some gorgeous smiles.:)

Veta – in a few short months you will be finished with this part of your life and onto the rest. You will be in my prayers as you prepare and start this next part of your journey! Love you girl!

Diane Cady - Wow what great pics

Michelle - love, love, love

Paula - Beautiful subject, great photographer!

esther - So beautiful….

felicia - proud of my sis you are so beautiful

52 Weeks {Week 2}

So week 2 was easy…we spent a day down at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and of course there was SO much to photograph. Normally I don’t bring my “real” camera – but because I’m somewhat committed to this project, I thought it’d be worth the extra hassle. It probably was.;)(These crazy camera phones take such good pictures that even though it’s a “snapshot” it’s still perfect for everyday life!) Good news is – I didn’t drop the camera. I think that was my husband’s biggest concern – that I’d get overly excited about something and forget the camera. (He’s not way off in his assumption….it’s a valid concern!)

So here are WAY more than just one picture – an overview of our day.:)

At the Lion King Show…. I love how each of my kids’ personalities shows through. Olive with her excited eyes, Ella soaking in every moment of the show….and sweet Micah, plugging his ears because it’s just a little too much. He’s so much like me.:)


Sweet Micah. He’s 9 years old and growing into such a handsome young man.:)Still plugs his ears, just like he has since he could jam those chubby fingers in as a baby!



Ella Bella – 7 years old and while both the older kids are rather toothless, Ella has really embraced it. About 90% of the pictures I take of her right now include the pose on the right….What on earth IS this?!?:)



Olive Juice…Silly little three year old.



From Africa…



THIS man….this man I adore.:)



From Asia…



Olive is by far the easiest to photograph. She’s way slower than the other two and once she’s climbed up on something she can’t get away very fast…



I love how Micah takes care of his littlest sister. He’s quite protective of both of them – and quick to fight with them, don’t  get me wrong! – but Olive especially he looks over. Ella and daddy had gone off on a “twisting spinning ride” and the three of us had NO interest in it. (OK seriously, Olive would have loved it but was too short…) And so, Micah and I took her on her FAVORITE ride, the “Dinosaur-Dumbo” ride! (Called that because it’s just like the Dumbo ride – her favorite – but with dinosaurs instead!!:)


52 Weeks {Week 1}

…and I’m already behind. But I am going to admit my failings, pick myself off my face and get caught up!

If you’ve never heard of doing a 52 weeks project it’s really simple. You take pictures. Pick at least one per week. You can “theme” them every week or you can just commit to picking up your camera at least ONCE a week. That’s me. I’m not committing to the whole “theme” thing – or even doing one pictures a DAY – because I know I won’t. But picking up my camera once a week? Yes. I can handle that. And yes, my iPhone pictures count.:)But I’m going to try REALLY hard to not use my camera phone as much – it’s totally NOT what I’m going for! I want to hopefully see some growth this year, creatively speaking, and also I REALLY want to be more faithful to document my own babies as they are (gasp!) no longer babies!!

So the first week of the year – NAY! the first DAY of the year!! I had my camera out. My other rules, in case you want to know. I don’t have to limit myself to one. If I’ve got my camera out, I can (and will) take as many as I want.:)And share as many as I want. Ha! (you may want to leave now….)

So week 1!

We went to the beach with family and some friends. It was a perfect day and fun was had by all. Now to pick up my camera in the 3 days left in THIS week and get those shared.:D



Erin - I’m actually pretty excited about this. I look forward to seeing your pictures.

admin - Thanks Erin! I’m hoping that this is something that is manageable so that I will continue to do it throughout the year :-)

Kathryn - hooray!
Love these, especially the pic on left of second row.

Valentines Day Minis 2013 {Central FL Photographer}

So since the Christmas Minis were so much fun – and since I had quite a few who missed out – I thought it might be nice to offer another round of minis for Valentines Day. No, you don’t HAVE to do anything “love” themed – but you sure CAN!:)If you’d like to book a session you can send an email to info@elisabethnixonphotography.com or contact us through our Facebook page. You can also call or text us at 407.739.6688!

The sessions can be booked for select dates between January 8 and January 29, 2013. All included products will be delivered before Valentines Day for gifting and sharing. Session location options include Cranes Roost in Altamonte Springs, Gemini Springs in DeBary, Downtown Sanford, Downtown Lake Mary, select fields in Lake Mary and Sanford and Lake Lily in Winter Park.

The details are as follows (and while the price remains the same as last time, I changed up the “included” products to reflect the holiday):

$250 – During the dates of January 8 – 29th

Up to 4 participants (additional persons are an extra $25 each)
30 minute session
10 digital images
Photo print release
Facebook timeline
3 Mini Accordion albums

H o m e
O l d   B l o g
P r o o f i n g