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The Hickmans ~ {Encore Session}

{In advance I have to apologize for the excessive amount of pictures in this post!}

I was so, so excited to do this session for a couple of reasons. (1) I absolutely LOVE photographing couples in love! (2) It’s SO so different from my “normal” newborn routine, and therefore allowed me to be as creative as I could possibly be. (3) Lastly, because after talking with Joy off and on for quite some time, we were finally going to be meeting together and taking pictures of her and her sweet husband!! Super fun – and BOY it ended up being all that I’d hoped for!

Joy and Jon . . . It was AWESOME to finally meet you guys. I truly enjoyed our morning more than I ever expected – the fellowship blessed me more than I can tell you! And as an added bonus….I think these pictures are my most favorite pictures that have ever come out of my camera.:)Happy Anniversary to you both – I think this is a lovely way to celebrate your marriage and what God has done in your lives together! I pray you enjoy many, many more years together, bringing Glory to our Heavenly Father with your lives!!


The H Family {Central FL Family Photography}

Meet the H Family….two sweet girls, one sleepy and one full of energy….one teeny and one a wee bit bigger. Such sweet smiles and giggles from both of them!

I think my favorite part of this year’s Christmas Mini Sessions was the fact that almost all of them included someone around the 4 year old age. It’s almost time for my Olive to be 4….and spending so much time with these 4 year olds made me excited for the next year of her life! 3 has been fun but…..4…well, that’s going to be an adventure too! Pre-school, “big girl” stuff and….well, all of these little 4 year olds kept me on my toes and made me look forward to next year a little bit more.:)

Anyway, back to the H family – these sisters were as cute as can be in their soft pink dresses and it didn’t take much to convince Big Sister to snuggle with Little Sister and give her kisses!

The O Family {Central FL Family Photographer}

Hey! It’s the O Family!:)It was a little sad because their oldest son had other obligations but we were still able to get some sweet pictures of their littlest love!:)OH my goodness she was full of smiles and interesting conversation! We discussed ballet and dance in general, turning 5 (which was going to happen soon), her neighbor and BFF Lila, her dogs and dogs in general, the colors red and pink, and then the colors blue and black (Mom’s and Dad’s colors!)…and on the list goes!:)What a fun 30 minutes we had!!

Laughing Lila {Central FL Child Photographer}

Oh Lila….you made me work SO SO hard for these smiles!:)You arrived very shy and unsure of who I was, we walked and talked – your mama and I – and tried to get you to play with me. I danced, you stared at me. I jumped, you blinked. I made silly comments and you began to smirk…..and then you quickly hid it!

Eventually it was the ducks that won you over…not me. But that is JUST fine! I’m so glad we met that silly duck – the one that you touched – and I’m so glad that it made your beautiful smile spread across your face!! Happy 5th Birthday Lila!:)

Ella - I absolutely love all of them. Thank you SO much. She had so much fun. I do not know which one to cohose. The one of her in the black and white with the glasses outside the fence is my favorite one. She is a ham in front of the camera. You are an amazing photographer.

Little Anna {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

Little Anna comes from a family that I am very, very glad to call my friends. She has two brothers – the older one is diligently watching out for her (with a dose of anxiety over her well-being!) and the younger is…well, he’s sort of like a little whirlwind as he races through life. There’s time for little sister but it’s got to be short and to the point because he’s got THINGS to do! Little Anna’s future suitors don’t stand a chance though…at least until she’s 30, right daddy?:)I believe he might already have picked a spot out for him to sit and clean his rifles, just inside the door, as any potential “friends who are boys” would arrive. OH…I kid, I kid!:)But seriously, she is loved.

It is so fun to photograph my friends’ children because I get a chance to study them closely – their faces, expressions and personalities – and I just marvel at the individuality and uniqueness of them at the same time I am looking for similarities between them and their siblings and parents. Aren’t each and every one of them fun to study…and then wonder what God has planned for them with their silly little ‘selves?

Oh I digress…let’s just get on to Anna-banana. Or rather, I might just start calling her Anna Elisabeth ALL THE TIME because I happen to think her middle name is REALLy awesome. I mean, only the funnest girls have the privilege of being “Elisabeth’s” with an S!! (Right Elisabeth M??):)Well done, Anna’s mom and dad…you named her well.:)Anna suits her perfectly and Elisabeth, well, you just couldn’t go wrong with that one. 😉 Love you guys!!

Paula Bills - Elizabeth…you rock! Those are all so beautiful! How many expressions can you get from a sleeping 2-week-old? You got lots and all precious! Great work!

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