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  • I'm Elisabeth and I'm so glad you're here. Take a peek around, I can't wait for you to see the beautiful families I'm blessed to photograph.

Addison {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

May I introduce Miss Addison to you? Her sweet kissable cheeks, her pert little nose, pretty blue eyes…sweet smiles.:)Of course the smiles were completely accidental but I still enjoyed each and every one! Her mama and daddy are one of the couples I had the pleasure of photographing during their wedding, and now I was able to be a part of the  next stage of their family’s life.:)How awesome and such a privilege to be trusted with both of these special events. Thank you, Addison’s mom and dad, for that. I have enjoyed getting to know you guys and now seeing your family grow – and congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

The Light Sabre one below is special for her daddy….just a little Jedi in training!

Tristan is ONE! {Central FL Child Photographer}

Just around a year ago I met little Tristan…we had some fun with his daddy’s Star Wars stuff, his sweet cousin…plus lots of cuddles with mom and dad. Fast-forward to today…and this little dude reminded me of why I LOVE ONE YEAR OLD BABIES SO MUCH!!!

Firstly, take a look at his pictures. Notice all the smiling? I am SO SO FUNNY to one year olds. (Disclaimer: not all of them…..and in full disclosure, Tristan was already grinning from ear to ear before he even saw me…although I am totally claiming the smiles as ones I “earned”!) Seriously though – could he possibly be cuter? No matter what I did (or anyone else) he just laughed and squealed….Yes, the one year old stage is definitely a favorite of mine.:)

His cousin joined us for a few minutes – she doesn’t think I’m nearly as funny as he does…although she had JUST woken from her nap and was probably wondering what the heck was going on…and WHY Tristan thought it was all so awesome.:)Doesn’t matter, she didn’t need to smile to look beautiful – those big solemn eyes are just as gorgeous.

Oh – and I wanted to share him with his mama. Isn’t she stunning? I had almost decided to quit growing out my hair when I met up with them last week…and seeing how beautiful her hair was totally convinced me to keep going. Maybe…just MAYBE…I’ll get lucky when it’s long enough and I can have it blowing in the breeze and look even just a LITTLE bit as stunning as she does!

Enough talking. Here are Tristan’s pictures. This 30 minute “mini” went by fast but with someone as happy as Tristan, it was easy peasy. Happy Birthday, Little Buddy!:)

Deb Groover - Thank you Elisabeth! You are so talented and I appreciate you taking Tristan’s Birthday pictures.

Stefany Rhoades - My nephew and his “Ma” are just gorgeous. And that moody little girl isn’t too bad herself! Love them all!

Bobbie Kirsch - OMG! These are adorable! Every single one & Deb you look great! Love y’all!

Happy Birthday Lev-lev!!

Today my sweet nephew turned the big 8! It reminds me how fast time is passing. Now “we” have a 9 yr old, 8 yr old, almost 7 yr old, 6 yr old & 3 yr old….it was just the other day that these kids were all so itty bitty!

Levi, in honor of your birthday, I will share with you (and everyone else) all of my favorite pictures of you…that I have taken. You will see big gaps…because those are the gaps your mama and papa have pictures of and not me.:)One from when you were SO teeny – just 2 weeks old in COLD cold Norway, and then several from over the years as we’ve been blessed to spend so much time with you. I can’t wait to see you NEXT SUMMER and have a lot MORE pictures of you and Emma to look through!!

(PS – Micah, Ella and Olivia had ice cream in your honor – birthday cake ice cream!) And I think I will continue looking at pictures of you and Emma, and keep smiling all silly at my computer.:)I love you, Happy Birthday Levi!


2012 Mini Sessions Have Arrived!

‘Tis the season to be jolly…..! Fa-la-la-la-LAAAAA-la-la-la-laaaaa!:)

There’s a hint of crispness in the air (only late at night and early in the morning – don’t get overly excited) and it’s finally THAT time of year. And this year I am pleased to tell you that it’s come early. No more last-minute session cramming for me!! (And anxiety-inducing card design meetings for you!) No sir, this year I’m ahead of schedule and PROUD of it. Starting on Saturday October 6, the mini sessions will commence and you can snag yourself a great deal on a photo shoot for your family!

Session packages  normally start at $550 but this time of year ONLY you can book a mini session for $250, enjoy 30 fun-filled minutes with yours truly while I work my “magic”, receive 10-15 digital images and the rights to print them over and over and over and over….PLUS this year I’m also including a set of 25 custom designed Christmas cards. For some of you that’s plenty of cards, others it’ll get you started on your list!

Select Saturdays (morning and evening time slots are available) PLUS select Wednesday mornings in October & November are open and I’m ready to spend a few minutes with you and your beautiful families! I look forward to this “busy” time of year because it’s finally not so hot, the kids are starting to get excited about the holidays, I get to visit and catch up with past clients old FRIENDS! and meet new ones.:)

Mini Sessions are available for any type of session you can imagine – and it doesn’t have to be for Christmas! This year we’re early enough to call it “Fall” or to even plan ahead to the New Year! (And the cards can be customized to any style, any holiday & any colors you can think up!)

Dates & times will fill quickly and are not booked & guaranteed until a 50% deposit is received. The balance is due on or before your session date and you will receive your online gallery notification within 1 week of your session date.

Here’s the details…along with a peek at a recent family session … with some of MY family!:)It’s just those awesome Canadians again. 😉

Lorri Sklar - Do you have any mini-sessions available anytime on Saturday, October 27th or on the evening of November 10th?

Lorri Sklar

Little Peanut {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

Little Emilie and I spent the morning together last week. (In all fairness, her sweet mother and doting daddy were there too – even big brother stopped by!) But Emilie stole my heart.:)She is just the teeniest little peanut and it was required that both her mama and I made “oohing” and “aahhing” noises the entire time because of her adorable-ness.

Emilie’s mama also had lots of fun things around the house for me to use with her pictures – including the BEST (and smallest!) hat ever. Ha! My Olive Juice saw the pictures as I was editing and said, “Mama! It’s a Minnie Mouse baby!”:)Oh dear it’s ridiculously cute!

Emilie – thanks for the snuggles and please tell your parents that I had a WONDERFUL morning and thank you for having me come over. It was a pleasure to meet you all!:)

{Here’s the Minnie Mouse hat, according to Olive…according to Robin and me, it’s the cutest thing EVER!}


Coolest. Chair. EVER. Robin found it somewhere in Kentucky I think?? I need to go to there. Or just make one for myself. It’s woven ties!!:)



This might be my most favorite series that I’ve ever photographed….something about her teenie little self in her big girly bed…just peeking in at her with her peeking back.:)



Tracy - OH MY…I LOVE her!!!! Robin, you are so blessed, she’s such a doll.

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