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Fourth of July {Personal}

So tomorrow is Labor Day…September 3. It’s about time I share some pictures from July 4th, right? It’s another holiday…so yeah, probably it’s time. It was also stinkin’ hot on that day, they both have that in common.:)ย First up are two of my favorite people in the world.:)I think she may have been checking out her hubby when I took that first picture! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lots of water fun to keep the kiddos happy and cool!

This next little series is called “Friends of Olive”…..she has quite the following (because she’s still squishy and cute and small) and we all wanted a little bit of her. You’ll notice she doesn’t exactly like all of the hugs that we dish out … it’s OK, we just do it anyway.

And of COURSE there was ice cream. And where there’s ice cream, there’s an Olive! (and me, not far behind…)

Rosvik Family {Central FL Family Photography}

My sister and her family were visiting in FL this summer – we spent 90 amazing days with them and we are thankful for each one of them. While they were here I of COURSE twisted her arm into letting me do their family photos. ๐Ÿ˜€ Ha! They are four of my favorite people in the world and I love looking at those two munchkins’ smiling faces! I thought it was time for them to be blogged and made public.:)

First up, we wanted to re-stage their favorite photo from last time. Unfortunately we thought of this at the end after the kids were pooped, the lightening was scaring us all and poor Levi was sick so he never did really show his true colors. BUT – it shows how much the kids have grown in the last 3 years.:)

Kati - Great shots and great job! I LOVE your niece’s hair!! And I LOVE the shot of mom and dad kissing with the kids running around them! Great ideas!

Oh Allison! {Central Florida Newborn Photographer}

Sweet Allison, you steal my heart! Your teeny-tiny lips, your sweet little nose…and you snuggled WITH me! What a good snuggler you are! I know exactly why your mama and daddy love holding you so much.:)You look so much like your big sisters and your mama…although I know daddy is in there somewhere! And I know that your older sisters are loving on you and taking good care of you – tell them “hi” for me, it’s been too long.:)

D, thanks for the wonderful morning of catching up and baby-talk! Honestly, I have baby fever ALL over again now!! Thanks a LOT….although some might argue that my baby fever never goes away…. I hope to see you and your troop much more in the coming months, if nothing else, bring that baby over and let me cuddle her! She will need more Auntie Elisabeth time, I can tell. Regardless, it was so special to be able to do this for you guys – and I hope you love the results.:)

OH! And thank you for dressing her as Yoda….it is AWESOME! Best Yoda Ever!

Sarah - She is absolutely gorgeous! One of the prettiest babies I’ve ever seen! And I looove the yoda hat, haha!

Susan Farrell - Love these pictures! Allison is gorgeous!!! Love the Yoda hat too! Funny!

Stefany - So cute. LOVE the yoda!

Kati - Love the smile while wearing the Yoda hat! :) Cute!

Little Man Luke {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

Luke and I had some play time a couple of weeks ago – “play” meaning he slept and I played.:)His parents and I just happily visited and enjoyed ourselves while he slept, he contentedly snuggled right in and perhaps was the easiest baby I’ve photographed yet! His big “brother” (the furry kind) watched over him and made sure I knew what I was doing every step of the way – he even graced me with his presence in a couple of photos!

To Luke’s mom and dad: Thank you for having me photograph your little man, especially after having to wait a little extra long to bring him home. I know it’s not easy to fit it in when everything goes “as planned” but more-so when there are additional obstacles. I hope that the morning we spent together was worth it for you (I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned SO much from our chats!) – and I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet the three of you.:)Enjoy your blog post! ๐Ÿ˜€

First Day of School ~ 2012!

I cannot believe Summer is over. Well, truthfully Summer is FAR from over here in Florida…but Summer BREAK is over! This morning we were up and out the door by 7:30am and heading off to third grade, first grade and….major disappointment.:)

They all proudly lined up. (You may notice Olivia is in her “Mick Mouse & Minnie” pajamas and is carrying her Minnie lunch box, “Na-Na” the carebear and a new mermaid she acquired yesterday. She thought she was going to school too.) I took pictures, we got in the car, took more pictures at school, hugged friends & teachers, unpacked backpacks, Olivia settled in to Ella’s class (see picture), I pulled her crying from the room….and there’s even a fellow “mama-razzi” in the pictures below! ย Ha! Sorry Jen!

It was a good morning – not so much for Olive who apparently thought this was her year to go to “Mrs. Dockies” – which is sort of close to Schake, right? There were some tears and perhaps even some drama on the drive home….but now she’s watching Ice Age and I’m in a quiet house for the first time in months. ๐Ÿ˜€ HALLELUJAH!!!

Joanna - I LOVE these pictures! They are all so beautiful and getting so much older! And thats so sweet about Olive wanting to go to school…. sweet little girl. Hope they have a good first day!

Jen Kallin - caught me

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