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Puppy Love

This afternoon I had a visitor and for the first time in a while I pulled my camera out and couldn’t stop shooting. I think you’ll agree, this little man is some serious eye candy! Meet Bear, my new best friend. (And yes, at the end of the pictures I am kissing and sniffing him – he’s still so young that he doesn’t smell all “dog” and he still smells OH SO new! haha!):)

Lydia ~ College Grad!

This is my baby sister, Lydia. Isn’t she GORGEOUS?

Yeah, I know. THAT HAIR. All three of my sisters have THAT HAIR and I’m desperately willing mine to grow faster so I can also have THAT HAIR. No guarantees that mine will look anything close to this awesome. Most likely it will continue to look like I have a chia-pet growing on my head. (Remember those? Can you even GET those anymore?!

Back to Lydia – she is the latest sister to graduate from college (Joanna was last spring and I am realizing now that I TOTALLY neglected to give her the props and shout-out that I’m now giving Lydia….J, yours is coming! Just a little over a year too late….oops….)

So Lydia has always been a little…strange. She didn’t talk for at least the first 3 years of her life. Like, at all. And then when she DID begin to talk, it did not resemble any known language. Joanna, my third sister and who is a couple years older than Lydia, played the part of translator for the next while. Fortunately for the rest of us, we eventually were ALL able to understand Lydia (I hold to the theory that she was actually incredibly smart and she, along with Joanna, spoke a foreign language – kind of like the Tower of Babel you know?). And when we were able to understand her we all realized she does have some kinda cool things to say. 😉 Just kidding Lydia, I loves you…

So to review: Lydia didn’t talk at all for a long time. Then she did talk and nobody knew what she was saying (with the exception of Joanna). THEN Lydia kinda stopped talking again. This time it was totally because she wouldn’t. So if Lydia talked to you – or you saw her even open her mouth – you listened up because you knew it was going to be good. She didn’t waste words on nonsense. (Although I hear from her closest friend that she is a TALKER! I am not sure I believe it…)

To this day you will find my 3 sisters and I together (however rare) and Sarah, Joanna and I are all LOUDLY talking over each other and there is Lydia, quietly observing in the corner….I’m certain she’s taking notes and is prepared at any moment to remind me of all of the foolish things that have come out of my mouth in the last however-many years!

So Lydia graduated from Moo

dy in Chicago – she’d already gotten her AA and went there for her Bachelors’ Degree. (That’s the right order, right?!?) She is now back home (YAAAAAYYY!! FINALLY ONE OF MY SISTERS LIVES NEAR ME!!!!!) and she’s looking to work with Teach America and who knows where she’ll end up from there. I am SO thrilled for her, for all of her hard work and dedication, and now she’s even closer to what she wants to be when she grows up.:)

Of course we celebrated this with some pictures – plus when would I EVER turn down an opportunity to photograph my gorgeous sisters? Lydia, I’m so proud of you. (I know this is late…) I cannot wait to see what happens this Fall and see where God takes you in your life. I’m still praying that He keeps you close to home, but I realize that that’s probably not what will happen.:)You’re going to be the BEST teacher/counselor/whatever you do with all of this school and I’m excited to see what’s next!

Deanna - All four of you girls are so beautiful and amazing. Your parents must be so incredibly proud of the girls they’ve raised. You truly are a family to be admired and envied, all so unique and wonderful. These are great and can’t wait to see the ones of Joanna. So hard to believe the baby is all grown up, such a lovely woman now!

Kristina - Beautiful Elisabeth! Lydia looks fantastic! :) miss you guys, it would be fun to see you again some day!

2012 Birth Announcements

I’ve been sorting through all of the birth announcement templates that I have collected over the  years – and decided there should be a way to share these, online, in order to make it easy for my clients to choose their favorite. A blog post sounded like a start – and then I spent the rest of my morning diving through past sessions, enjoying myself and looking at adorable babies as I put together the templates to share. Oops!:)It was fun though…

This is not an all-inclusive list of the announcements I have to offer – there are many double-sided flat designs to choose from – but these are my favorites!

Samuel ~ 5 days old {Central Florida Newborn Photographer}

It’s time for another sweet baby to be featured on here…meet Samuel. A handsome and roll-y little boy! Yes, you read that right – at only 5 days old, this little dude was already rocking chubby cheeks. OH MY HEART! My own babies came pre-wrapped in rolls, so I am always a little over-excited to meet other babies that remind me of them.:)

Samuel’s been given the extreme blessing of being born to his mama and dad – meeting these two was more like rekindling an old friendship, which was awesome.:)They prayed for Samuel, they waited for him. They felt and “watched” him grow in his mama and to see them with him was incredibly special. Samuel’s daddy adores his beautiful wife and that is a gift  that not all little boys are given. Samuel’s mama loves and respects her husband and this is the kind of woman that one day Samuel will look for. SUCH a reminder when we consider how we treat our spouse or (or whoever) will directly translate into the kind of partner our children will look for later on in life.

I digress! (Can you tell I’ve spent some time, in my own heart, pondering deep things lately?):)Amber & Bart, thank you for your immediate warmth and friendship and thank you for the pleasure of photographing your sweet baby boy.

Kati - I love the one of his dad laughing and holding him. Too cute!

Jen Kallin - E, he sure was a chubby bundle- absolutely adorable

Noah ~ Brand New Baby {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

A few months ago I shared this sweet family’s maternity photos…and now I’m FINALLY getting around to sharing the adorable baby boy that joined them!

Meet Noah, a sleepy bundle of cuddles that just melted my heart. Sometimes the babies just make my job SO easy and Noah was one of them! He fell right asleep with almost no help and pretty much slept through the entire session. I’m not certain he even realized I was there…:)

It was one of those days when I started out a little “off” (evidenced by getting lost in a part of town that I know pretty well and realizing I’d forgotten my beanbag – the “trick” to so many of the sleeping poses!)…but I made a choice and shared it with Noah’s mom. This session was going to be different. Outside my normal and “easy” shots – and I was going to challenge myself to try some things I hadn’t pushed myself to do in a long time. Turns out, it worked – and I am excited with the results!! I have always admired more natural and just “at home” newborn shoots but I hadn’t really applied myself to making it work for me.

You hate to try something new in a one-time situation, you know? Forgetting my “crutch” ended up being a good thing – and I’ve left it at home a few times since.:)Just to let my creative juices out a little bit more and trust that it will still look really good in the end, even if it’s different and not my “normal” and “safe” stuff.

I love seeing Noah’s parents together, with Noah, and seeing their love for their little one so evident. To Noah’s mom & dad – thank you for the pleasure of photographing your little family! It was wonderful to see you guys again and spend this time with you.:)

Teri Torres-Friedmann - LOVE the pictures of our baby boy! I’m glad you left the beanbag at home and tried something new :-) They turned out great and we’ll always look back fondly on these precious first days home with Noah. Thank you so much!!!

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