The H Family {Central FL Family Photography}

Meet the H Family….two sweet girls, one sleepy and one full of energy….one teeny and one a wee bit bigger. Such sweet smiles and giggles from both of them!

I think my favorite part of this year’s Christmas Mini Sessions was the fact that almost all of them included someone around the 4 year old age. It’s almost time for my Olive to be 4….and spending so much time with these 4 year olds made me excited for the next year of her life! 3 has been fun but…..4…well, that’s going to be an adventure too! Pre-school, “big girl” stuff and….well, all of these little 4 year olds kept me on my toes and made me look forward to next year a little bit more.:)

Anyway, back to the H family – these sisters were as cute as can be in their soft pink dresses and it didn’t take much to convince Big Sister to snuggle with Little Sister and give her kisses!

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H o m e
O l d   B l o g
P r o o f i n g