Day 2 – Home “what?”

Day 2 has come and is about to go. It taught me a few things.

1. Be more prepared. Pull yourself together the night before.

I learned this because I was blissfully asleep at 6:30 AM when my alarm clock (AKA my oldest son) bounced on my bed to inform me that the laptop he found downstairs wasn’t working. OF COURSE it wasn’t working. The only laptops around here are broken ones! (The Husband is a computer guy.) Micah had already been up, gotten dressed, had breakfast, finished his work from yesterday, did math for today….and was wondering what to do next.

WHAT THE WHAAAAAT??? Where did this child come from and WHERE has he been all of his life??:)Anyway, if I had things prepared the night before he probably would have finished it all before I’d gotten up to brush my teeth.

2. Don’t set expectations too high and BE FLEXIBLE.

I thought today we would add in some History. NOPITY-NOPE. I got so overwhelmed trying to figure out where all of the information was, who to give it to, how to manage three levels of the same curriculum…after a couple of “louder than silent” exhortations to my littles to “give me a minute” I kicked them all outside. “GET IN THE POOL AND DON’T COME BACK INSIDE UNTIL I SAY YOU CAN.” Also known as recess. And then I sat on Pinterest and collected myself.

3. Eat breakfast.

I didn’t do it – they were already up and both Micah and Ella had started working – so I jumped in with Olivia and off we went. By the time the whole “history” fiasco happened I was HANGRY. My own fault.

So I feel like today I learned a few things – win! Not sure if anyone else did. Oh no that’s not true! Micah and Ella learned not to drive a big heavy van in a sandy driveway – nearby a guy sat in the sand all afternoon because he’d gotten stuck. The old pieces of wood he borrowed from me weren’t enough to help dig him out so he had to wait all day for a big tow truck to come. Heavy van full of equipment > super soft driveway. Don’t do it dude. I think my day went better than his.

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